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When it comes to roofing, We’re on the top

Roofing Sheets

We deal in a large variety of Roofing Sheets like Aluminium Roofing Sheets, Galvanised Roofing Sheets, GI Roofing Sheets, Tile Sheets, Corrugated Sheets as well as Polycarbonate Sheets. We are the leading dealer for all major brands in Roofing


Roofland also is a leading dealer of GI & GP Pipes. in various shapes & sizes like Square, Rectangular & Round. We stock only the highest quality pipes with us which can be used for commercial as well as personal construction projects

Roofing Accessories

Roof Accessories to complete your roof. There is more to a roof than just the sheets & tiles. We provide a host of Roofing Accessories like Rainwater Gutters & related products, Ridge, PVC Thoomanam etc. Keep your rooftop beautiful and protected from the elements with durable, high performing accessories.